Astrology for the soul january

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What Is An Old Soul & What Age Is Your Zodiac Sign

For more information, user reviews, or to buy, follow this link: Astrology for the Soul Or, search for a used or new copy of the book at Alibris. Cafe Astrology Home. Since you both love getting out and meeting new people, your chances of finding each other are high.

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Just keep doing what comes naturally and eventually your paths will cross. Your down-to-earth potential partner is a Taurus. These sensuous souls are known for their discriminating taste, so try a gourmet cooking class or winery tour.

Astrology for the Soul January 17, 2018

Farmers markets are also favorite haunts for these foodies who love tasting samples while they peruse the fresh produce. At your next art gallery opening, keep an eye out for the most engaging conversationalist. That could be your perfect match, a chatty Gemini. Sidle up to him or her and make an outrageous comment about the show. If a light-hearted repartee ensues, that's your cue to make your move.

Look for your Capricorn match at a networking club. He or she will be the one working the floor and taking names. Introduce yourself and initiate a business card exchange. Use those magnetic eyes of yours to leave an unforgettable impression.

At your next party, look for the person who seems to be holding the spotlight. Give love to this rhythm. General Theme for the month of January — 3 of Swords The 3 of Swords is the demonstration of these first pulsations of the year.

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In this card, we see the heart, a symbol for the soul. Three swords pierce this vessel from above creating the initial contraction. The heart draws inward. The squeezing motion causes droplets of blood to spill from the center eye, providing nourishment to the rose below: contraction, expansion. The tears shed from the eye of the heart drop onto the rosebud, revealing its first petals, the beginnings of the expansive opening of the soul towards higher consciousness. The painful contraction provides fertility for growth. The unfoldment of the rose brings great happiness to our lives, but this card also demonstrates how suffering is a necessary part of the process.

Astrology for the Soul, January 6, 2015

Contraction brings fertility. The rose opens to receive this Divine nourishment. It the Divine eye of consciousness that provides this nourishment through the shedding of its tears of blood.

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Some say our life begins when the heartbeat sparks to life. In the month ahead, this beating rhythm is set into motion, bringing life. Physical — The Star The Star is a highly spiritualized card. However, it occupies the position of the physical theme for the month ahead. The Star is a card that speaks of the process of purification.

In this card, a two-tailed mermaid rises from the depths of the dark, murky waters to the surface. She is the representation of what has become conscious through our inner work. From the darkness, she has risen to the surface where there is a star overhead that serves to orient. There is much that is kept hidden from ourselves and others that hovers in the darkness of the unconscious realm.

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This hidden material festers beneath the surface, spoiling our lives until we are able to recognize its presence and work to reveal what it is and the way it has been serving to hold us back in life. The mermaid in the Star is our guide in the underworld depths. She directs the way to the surface where we are introduced to the orienting light of consciousness that is the star.

astrology for the soul january Astrology for the soul january
astrology for the soul january Astrology for the soul january
astrology for the soul january Astrology for the soul january
astrology for the soul january Astrology for the soul january
astrology for the soul january Astrology for the soul january

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