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My prediction is he will never become President of the United States. It's time to get rid of all these old, worn-out politicians and elect younger politicians, but I am not sure that any would qualify for President at this time. But like everything retail stores will again rebound in the next three to five years!

For instance, Vinyl records are again in because the sound is so pure, unlike CDs.

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I sense a well-known actor will take his own life. Many older celebrities and singers will leave us this year. I worry about Johnny Depp and his depression. Ellen DeGeneres may file for divorce from her wife Portia de Rossi by late year. The Dalai Lama will have some serious health issues this year and may pass. He has often talked about his time is short on Earth. If you own stock get out as fast as you can.

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The strange message, issued from his official Twitter account, simply read "there are no coincidences" and featured a picture of Neil Armstrong juxtaposed with a menacing depiction of an iconic alien grey. I believe that a recent NASA launch failure and the explosion of the Falcon 9 was a message to us from aliens to stop exploring space. Is this the real reason for Trump's Space Military Force? If the issue was serious, it could derail plans to fly astronauts aboard the capsule later this year. Humans are tired of the old school laws and want reform from tyranny.

She's pushing back as we continue to disrespect her and cause her continued environmental destruction. Everyone on the planet will experience these Earth changes in some way. Disasters will bring out the heroes. As the Earth changes increase, there will be those who put others before themselves and save lives.

Some will lose their lives, but all will advance spiritually in the next world. Betsey foresees another huge tsunami hitting Indonesia after a huge earthquake that hits again like the 7.


This could shake up the U. West Coast faults as well. Volcanoes will awaken worldwide from earthquakes. They are both connected. Watch for the signs of a megathrust earthquake. Read how to detect a huge earthquake. Was this magma moving under the Earth that caused the planet to shutter? I feel that a huge event will take place off the coast of East Africa, a megathrust earthquake 9. A volcanic eruption could proceed with this event. My husband and I had a friend that died from it--one minute he was well and the next he was gone. Those with compromised health issues, could be in danger from this flu.

A year-old newscaster recently died in from the H1N1 flu. Even people who seem normal will sudden flip out and begin shooting people. This evil will continue in our world until we learn to honor all humans for their religious beliefs, they nationality, and their sexual preferences. We are all God's children, a part of the divine consciousness, and to kill another is an act against our Creator. There will also be Isis attacks on European countries. More photos and more leaks from NASA.

Someone is going to come forward this year to tell us more about why Earth is experiencing such strange Earth events--volcanoes erupting, sudden tsunamis, sinkholes, mysterious booms and strange sightings in the sky. Animals will behave in strange ways before these events--watch for signs. These are meteor smoke and are usually seen around the polar regions. Read article.. What has changed? Planet X is currently traveling through our solar system and brings lots of space debris with it--meteors and bolides and possible asteroids.

We will see brilliant daylight bolides soon and this isn't from the Beta Taurid meteors. Read warning about these meteors for July More orbs will be reported. There will be more sightings of the secret US military TR-3B triangle-shaped craft--it's massive and silent. Extreme weather for the entire planet. Crop Circles - will provide some baffling and beautiful crop circles in Europe and the UK. Most are warning about Planet X.

Those living near volcanoes be prepared to leave your homes within minutes. Sagittarius weekly horoscope 2 december michele knight Dec. Pandoras tarot gemini november If her emotional life is churned up, and she's overwhelmed, it behooves her to get some "Me" time. This allows him to project an image Ascendant of honesty, appearing authentic Truth to a portion of the populace, despite continual misrepresentations Lie regarding his status or career, to boost his reputation all MC. So, yeah, foundational indeed. This point does not stand alone and isolated, but is part of a second Grand Cross in the SR.

There is one more Grand Cross to be considered. It is anchored by Mars at 8 Aquarius, not quite at station it will turn retro on June 25 , accompanied by asteroids Achilles at 1 Aquarius and Pandora at 9 Aquarius. Pandora is at station, having turned retrograde on June 9 th , just four days prior. Moskva, again, is the Russian capital and acts as a stand-in for all things Russian, including the Mueller investigation.

No one can take him seriously. There is also a close conjunction of asteroid Whitehouse at 29 Aries with Uranus at 1 Taurus: shocking revelations relating to the presidency, a high-strung atmosphere in the Oval Office bordering on manic insanity, perhaps a political rebellion or coup. This year, with the Singapore Summit with Kim Jong Un looming on June 12 th , by the following day he may once again be airborne, or already returned to the White House, or still in Singapore.

Astrologers disagree about where the Solar Return should be set.

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Some continue to use the birth location regardless of where the native resides, others plump for the current residence, and still others aver that one can travel on the date to acquire a totally different venue for the SR. Typically, I use the current main residence, but I also ran the chart for Singapore. In addition, it emphasizes natal Nemesis, at 16 Cancer, which will be further activated by a Solar Eclipse at 20 Cancer on July 12 th.

This puts natal Mueller exactly on the MC, and reverses the SR placements discussed above, while still retaining their angular importance. It also brings asteroid Clifford, for porn star Stormy Daniels, to the top of the chart, in an even more visible position. Alex Miller. National , Headlines , Trump.

June 11th, at am. Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. In order for predictive astrology to work one has to start from a neutral point of view.

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Let me say this much, any prediction based on just a few asteroids and TNOs — which there are thousands of — while at the same time ignoring the basics ought to give wrong results. The energy of a New Moon is Arien in nature, full of pioneering grit ready to get released, embodying the surprise and courage of a young child. Such a strong 7th house placement indicates great interest in the world around, but also mirrors readiness to step into the fire line.

The emphasis is on truly being oneself as well as most directly impacting with the world around him. This also means his natal Moon is closely conjunct the SR Ascendant. And when you combine it with a brand named Bovet, you can expect the result to be pretty spectacular. On a paper, draw Cho Ku Rei on 4 corners to seal the energy. During one retrograde cycle, the printer, the back-up printer and the rented printer all failed to work.

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Their unique vibrational energy, as felt through the sign they are transiting, becomes intensified and focused as the planet slows down and appears to move backwards over degrees of a sign it has already passed. Mark your calendar now, but in the meantime, take a sec to learn about this astrological event, because there's plenty you need to know. Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, the 8th house of change and unexpected gains, makes it an ideal time to transform and accept changes and challenges to witness progress in all walks of life.

Nine is taking place in Geneva on Saturday, May 11, Phillips has announced that as part of its Geneva Watch Auction: Nine, taking place May 11, , it will offer up a Vacheron Constantin minute repeater with retrograde calendar that, until recently, only existed in a single black-and-white photograph. These are shown with the same color scheme as the calendar. Mercury only takes 88 days to transit around the Sun, whereas Earth takes approximately days… hence at times during Mercury's transit, from the position of Earth, Mercury appears to be moving backwards Retrograde in our skies.

The full moon calendar with exact dates and time accurate to the second! Allure's resident astrologer has you covered with this guide to surviving the chaos. If you were blindsided by every retrograde and full moon that came your way this year, make your New Year's resolution to. Though will open with Uranus still in retrograde, where it's been since summer , the planet will […]. Their style results from a select few, impactful design decisions. A comforting constant in a changing world, The Old Farmer's Almanac has been going strong for years by focusing on what's useful, timeless, tried, and true.

Some of the things that are affected involve almost anything connected with getting something from A to B. Jupiter moves into Sagittarius for just over a one-year transit from November 8, until December 2, Available Mercury Retrograde calendar: YEARS to with monthly calendar and dates including years , , and Prominent features: - Find where mercury is in station today - Find Mercury retrograde for your zodiac sign.

We explain what Mercury retrograde cycle is and give you the important dates in Do not wear it while bathing, snorkeling or scuba diving. This week, August 5 - 11, we go through 3 phases of the moon and have 5 planets in retrograde. Mercury is in retrograde - here's what it means. Mercury retrograde periods: - This is truly a life-changing week due to the end of Jupiter Retrograde and the beginning of Uranus.

Direct motion or prograde motion is motion in the same direction as other bodies. Read shani effect on rashi, shani vakri Shanti Anusthan on mPanchang.

But what Mercury retrograde actually is gets lost in all this. Aka, get comfortable, because this is backwards shake up is about to be your new normal.

pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020 Pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020
pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020 Pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020
pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020 Pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020
pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020 Pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020
pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020 Pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020
pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020 Pandoras tarot aquarius february 2020

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