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With a strong inner emotional power, you have the ability to charm, uplift, or inspire others. Your powerful imagination and keen practicality can combine to make you a realistic visionary. It would be wise, however, to guard against using your sense of fantasy in daydreaming or escape. When positively focused, you possess the ability to project powerful love and determination in a combination that is guaranteed to bring you success. Although an engaging charm and leadership abilities can help you in your climb to the top, at times you may be such a perfectionist that people cannot reach your high ideals.

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This can bring possible misunderstandings or difficulty in communicating your ideas. With your sharp mind, it is important to keep yourself busy in order to make the most of your many gifts. Through developing your deeper intuitive sensitivity, you can come to understand yourself better and thus avoid becoming too serious or depressed. By keeping your sense of humor and enjoying the pleasure of initiating new activities, you are able to keep yourself creatively occupied.

Polis bestows keen perception and the power to focus upon a particular goal. This star encourages you to search for success and good fortune and grants the determination to rise to high positions. The ability to make quick and fortunate decisions imparts leadership abilities. This star also warns against a tendency to be rebellious and domineering. You are proud and seek to make a name for yourself, whether it results in fame or notoriety.

This star can impart success in higher education, with special interests in spirituality. Polis also warns against a tendency to dominate situations and take the lead unless you are the initiator of the enterprise. Determined and self-reliant, you are often intuitive and intelligent, with ambition and drive.

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Your fine intellect suggests that you like to use your business acumen and be enterprising. You also have a talent for solving problems, as well as excellent organizational and managerial abilities. If inspired, you may choose to develop your natural writing skills. Alternatively, you can use your talents to administer art in national institutions. Attracted to public life, you can become involved in education, politics, acting, or the entertainment world.

December 24 Birthday Astrology

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Gemini: The Holidays Might Feel Pretty Stressful For You

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    BORN ON DECEMBER 24 HOROSCOPE AND CHARACTERISTICS - Discover the characteristics of your birthday

    Their best exercise is a spontaneous dance with a relaxed partner. Share Flipboard Email. Updated August 20, Aquarius: Jan. In modern times, the grouping of signs with elements has been standardized:. Continue Reading.

    Born on December 24 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample
    horoscope december 24 sign Horoscope december 24 sign
    horoscope december 24 sign Horoscope december 24 sign
    horoscope december 24 sign Horoscope december 24 sign
    horoscope december 24 sign Horoscope december 24 sign
    horoscope december 24 sign Horoscope december 24 sign
    horoscope december 24 sign Horoscope december 24 sign
    horoscope december 24 sign Horoscope december 24 sign

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