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Why you should date your opposite sign Cosmopolitan. The power week continues, Libra, and the result can be a completely transformed cosmic relationship. Your task is to avoid passive aggressive people-pleasing, as Mars shifts into your sign, making you feel hella aggressive towards bae, but unable to express your desires or needs. The struggle feels real, but the end result is something so much delicious and deeper, whether with yourself or your sweetheart.

This is a big week when it comes to love and relationships, Scorpio — your ruler, Pluto, turns on his tracks and shifts into direct motion.

Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Pluto is a power player, deep dark, intense and dramatic and so you may find that events in personal and your love life do a total shift — for better or for worse. As Venus receives a square from your ruler, hidden things may come to light and you may be asked to allow for a deep transformation in love. Everyone wants a piece of you at the moment, Sagittarius, as the planets congregate in Libra and in your friendship zone.

Gemini Yearly Horoscope

Well, guess what? As communicative Mercury shifts into sultry Scorpio and into your secrets zone, you and your sweetheart or sweetheart-to-be may be saying all kinds of personal things to each other. Freedom is a big deal for you, Aquarius, and your ideal romantic relationship needs to give you plenty of space. Although most of the planets are in the compatible air sign of Libra, they are situated in your personal growth sector — Venus, the Sun and Mercury are all here, soon to be joined by Mars.

You may seek this growth aggressively, yet not openly.

Do yourself a favor, Aquarius — just be straight up. Your love life will be less of a struggle! This is all a lesson, Aquarius. Deep breaths. Deeper and deeper, dear Pisces — this is the current theme in your relationships. Now, things need to be split down the middle and equal responsibility taken. Be on your toes as romantic Venus in this same intimacy and sharing zone gets a transformative square from powerful Pluto and asks you to review your values in your relationships and potentially pushes you towards a much-needed conclusion.

Use this time to get closer to your lover, whether that means asking them questions about their life or discovering their turn-ons. As an intense and quick-tempered zodiac sign, you have a tendency to over-power others when you feel insecure. This will make it easier to deal with any conflicts that arise. Normally a cautious and patient zodiac sign, your determined Taurus personality is jumping right into romance! Your ruling planet, Venus, moves into Scorpio this week, deepening all of your romantic connections.

Think of it like a soul clearing to enhance your mood. As an adaptable and communicative Gemini, your super-power is your ability to converse and connect. This is especially useful when it comes to wooing your new crush or smoothing over any cracks in your relationship.

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As a calm and protective Cancer, your love life tends to reflect your domestic and sensitive approach to life. With Venus moving into a fellow water sign, emotions run deep. Even the most light-hearted interactions can quickly become serious. A square between the Sun and Saturn highlights your personal boundaries and limitations.

As an ambitious Leo, you pride yourself in being a confident and extroverted sign. Be wary of romanticizing karmic ex-relationships; use this energy to redecorate your space instead! This week's planetary energies will provide some opportunities to mediate conflicts between friends or family members. Give yourself permission to be a little daring, whether that means trying new things in the bedroom or getting hot and heavy in a public space. The Sun is shining in your sign this week, charming Libra! As you bask in the light of your Solar Return, love and luxury seem to fall into your lap.

But be wary of your own resources this week. Everyone loves someone who is confident and self-assured, so rev up the charm! Venus, the planet of love, is moving into your sign. If you have a partner, this is an excellent opportunity to work through any emotional baggage between you two. The best you can do is be yourself! As an enthusiastic and restless Sagittarius, you feel the need to spice up your love life pretty often. Sex Hustle Vibe Success.

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gemini love horoscope shine Gemini love horoscope shine
gemini love horoscope shine Gemini love horoscope shine
gemini love horoscope shine Gemini love horoscope shine
gemini love horoscope shine Gemini love horoscope shine
gemini love horoscope shine Gemini love horoscope shine
gemini love horoscope shine Gemini love horoscope shine

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